H0714B Expest Tobacco Beetles Pheromone Trap
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Expest food pest/cigarette beetle trap is a pheromone trap for monitoring of the cigarette/food beetles. The trap is baited with powerful pheromone lures. This trap provides early warning of occurrences of the cigarette beetles. The lure contains no harmful material and insecticide and environment friendly.

Where to use:

In home or any building where cigarette beetle's activity is noted. Simply set them out along the area, preferably at its activity area where adults cigarette beetle is sighted. The glue and pheromone are completely harmless(non toxic) to people and pets so there is no hazard associated with their use in food preparation area, warehouse, dining area and food storage area.

Rate of application

Each trap has a coverage of 5-15 meter square area, depending on pest infestation and with 5-10 meter apart. It is highly recommended that traps be located and mounted on walls 1.2-15m where cigarette beetle's optimum flying height. Lure is valid for 30 to 60 days once aluminium foil bag is opened. Replacing new trap every 30 days of the trap is full depending on infestation level.




Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Strong Glue

Quantity: 1 trapper pack with a lure

Suit for: Cigarette Beetle monitoring trap

Package weight: 0.1kg