H0717I Expest Insect Small Flies Magic Stick Trap
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Expest Insect Magic Stick Trap is an innovative fly trap to target wide variety of small flies (House Flies, Fruit Flies, Gnat Flies, Drain Flies). The trap able to remove existing flies at the area and provides early warning of occurrences of flies infestation at specific area.

The Insect Magic Stick trap are completely harmless (Non Toxic) to people, pets and environment so there is no hazard associated with their use in food preparation area, warehouse, dining area and food storage area. Place the trap near to your kitchen cabinet & stove, dining table, food processing room, table, door entrance, toilet, bin centre, fish pond etc.

Package: 1 Insect Magic Stick Trap

Measurement of trap: 26cm x 7cm x 7cm

Material: Strong Glue

Package weight: 0.15kg