H0719D Dust Mite Removal Kit Natural Herbal x 6 Sachets (Dust Mite Killer)
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Expest Dust Mite Removal Kit is produced to protect home and community from dust mites in our daily lives such as sofas, cushion chairs, sleeping on mattress with blanket covers, keeping clothes in wardrobes without knowing dust mites are present.


  • Plant Extract/Herbal
  • 60 Days Protection
  • Easy to use


Natural Ingredients: Lemon grass, Mint, Sophora Flavescens, Artemisia Argyl, Radix Stemonae, Green Pepper


How To Use:

  1. Remove the sachet and label sticker provided
  2. Write the date of usage and paste the sticker on the sachets
  3. Place the sachet on the affected area
  4. The sachet shall be replaced once every two weeks


Package: 6 sachets in resealable bag + 6 date sticker

Package weight: 0.1kg