H0723M Mosquito X-Zapper Latest Model Avoid Mosquito Bite [Malaysia Plug] Pest Control
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Product Feature:

  • Kill insect quickly

This bug zapper works more effective without waiting for a few weeks. The insect killer effective kills mosquitoes, black flies and other small flying pests in the dark by providing a bug-free comfort zone.

  • Suitable for all place

Insect killers can be used in a variety of place, such as bedrooms, offices, study rooms, kitchens, nurseries and any other place where insects need to be killed.

  • Friendly to humans and pets

Free of chemicals and noise. The sound is not detected by the ear and therefore does not interfere with or stimulate humans, cats and dogs. Our bug zapper is harmless and safe for your human and pets. Does no harm to your living environment neither!

  • Fully automatic switch

The electric mosquito zapper is with the sensor, no need to worry about even if you forget to turn the mosquito zapper on/off, the bug zapper will turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically in the daytime.

  • Easy maintenance

Maintenance free just unplug the power outlet, use a small brush to brush off the rubbish from it. Very easy to clean the mosquito zapper without removing the protective net.



  • Do not touch Mosquito Zapper with wet hands
  • Unplug Mosquito Zapper before cleaning it
  • Do not touch the power grid when in use
  • Keep the Mosquito Zapper away from children


What’s in the box: Mosquito Zapper

Input Voltage: 110V-1200V

Grid Voltage: 600-1200V

Grid Current: 9mA

Grid Power: 0.6-0.8W

Power Consumption: <3.5W

Total Power: 1W

Size: Length 74mm, Height 120mm, Width 46mm

Product Weight: 0.2kg