MAY903 Selamat UV Light Mosquito Killer/ Mosquito Trapper (SIRIM Approved)
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  • Selamat Brand MQ-903 Mosquito Killer is a Non-chemical, Non-toxic and Non-Smell mosquito catcher. This inhalant type mosquito trap is extremely effective in trapping many flying insects including mosquitoes, flies, moths and ants.
  • Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic & Non-Smell Process
  • Uses Light, Odour, Heat & Fan to Trap Insects
  • Releases Human Body Smells (CO2) to Attract Mosquitoes
  • Ultra-Long Life DC Suction Fan
  • Effective & Silent Operation
  • Approved by SIRIM, Suruhanjaya Tenaga & IEC CB


How it works:

1) Light

The Ultra Violet (UV) lamp produces 360-400nm light which creates a strong visual attraction to mosquitoes from afar.

2) Odour

Titanium Dioxide coating in this device attracts the mosquitoes as it generates the same carbon dioxide exhaled by the human bodies.

3) Heat

Heat released from the UV lamps and the dark-coloured body of this mosquito killer enhances the attraction to many insects.

4) Fan

The high speed fan in this device will suck the insects into the base container, where they die from dehydration.


Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Rated Power: 15 W

UV Light Wavelength: 360 - 400nm

Fan Speed: 1800 rpm/min

Effective Area: 60 square meter

Colour of main body: Black

Product Dimensions: L26cm x W26cm x H30cm

Product Weight: 1.6kg

Parcel Weight: 4.2kg