H0724 [0.19/Day Protection] Magic Egg : Anti-molds, Combats Odor & Purify Air
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What is in the box:

2 *Magic Egg Shells (random colour), 2* Inner sachet aluminium package

2 *Lanyards (random colour), 2* label tag

2 * Date sticker


Main Ingredient: Sachet: Cyclodextrin, Precursor slow-release chlorine dioxide, inert. (Patented Slow Release technology)


Coverage: Lasts up to 60days, 2meter cube area per Magic Egg (depends on humidity and air movement)




Inhibit mold & mildews' spores, fungi in the area.

Recommended areas: area with high humidity or volatile organic compound (VOC): bathroom, store room, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet etc.

Combat Odour 

Adsorb and neutralize microorganisms that causes odor

Recommended areas: shoe rack, pet area, toilet etc.

Air Purification

Breakdown/ disinfect harmful microorganisms and gases

(Formaldehyde emission from new furniture and wall paper, 2nd hand cigarette smoke & harmful gases, germs etc.)  

Recommended areas: living space, working desk, car, wooden furniture etc


Product Weight: 0.25kg