L27 10pcs Magic Auto Flush Blue Cleaner Toilet Bowl
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  • Automatic Toilet Bowl Antibacterial Cleaning Tabs Cleaner Deodorizer
  • Blue freshness in every rinse
  • It can clean the dirty of the tank, rim, inner wall, water pipe and other parts of the toiler thoroughly.
  • Effective in killing bacteria and germs of the toilet and sewer pipe, preventing bacteria from toilet and toiler sewer infected alternately
  • No harming to surface of toilet bowl or hose
  • Place that far from the water in & out valve in the toilet water box


1 Set Include: 10Pcs Toilet Bowl Cleaner Deodorizer

Material: Cleaner, fungicides, high-molecular polymer, perfumes

Size: 4.5cm x1.7cm

Product Weight: 0.5kg